5m Nickel Plated Black Combination VGA Cable Male to Female

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45.00 EGP
45.00 EGP
  • Type: 5m Nickel Plated black combination VGA cable male to female
  • Gender: Nickel-plated15Pin VGA Cable male to male/Female-Female/Male-Female
  • Conductor: Bare copper/Tinned copper/CCS
  • Color: Black, Blue, white, Grey
  • Application: Digital TV-CBLE, satellite, and terrestrial broadcasts
  • Digital movies-DVDs
  • Digital Displays-Plasma, LCD, DLP, LCOS
  • Digital interactivity-PVRs, MHP, OCAP
  • D-VHS players
  • Audio/Video receivers 11. Monitors, Projectors, Splitters and other Video display systems
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